Samsung YP-S5JAB MP3 Player

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Samsung YP-S5JAB MP3 Player

The 4GB S5 mp3 player combines stylish design, incredible sound and a built-in sliding speaker with 1500 watts of high quality stereo input. With its Digital Natural Sound engine (DNSe.) technology, superior sound and custom EQ reproduces music and video users expect to hear. The YP-S5 also is equipped with Bluetooth-enabled wireless stereo providing the kind of listening one could only dream of.

plays MP3 and WMA files
MP3 files are the most common music format available today. WMA uses better compression technology so users can have smaller files that sound as good as MP3. The YP-S5 will work with Rhapsody, Napster, and Yahoo! so users get access to 2 million songs for less than the cost of a CD per month (separate subscription is required).

bluetooth 2.0
Bluetooth lets these devices communicate with each other when they are in range. The devices use a radio communication system, so they do not have to be in line of sight of each other, and can even be in other rooms, as long as the received transmission is powerful enough. Bluetooth 2.0 is backwards compatible with 1.1 and 1.2. Bluetooth functionality allows for wireless headphones and integration with cell phones.

FM tuner/recorder with presets
S5's built-in FM Tuner will scan the entire FM range in less than 60 seconds and automatically place the available FM stations into presets. To eliminate stations with marginal reception, users can adjust the sensitivity to only preset stations with strong reception.

built-in speaker
The sliding speaker makes the S5 a desktop speaker or fully featured MP3 player. 1500 watts of power, enough to fill the average room or enjoy outside.

video playback
MPEG4 files are the most common open video format available today. Samsung Multimedia Software included with the S5, transcodes the video on the computer before transferring to the S5, so files on the S5 play at the optimal frame size/rate with minimal effort from the user.

voice recorder
The S5 comes with a built-in microphone so users can record live sound as MP3 files onto the S5. The quality of the MP3 file is variable between 32/64/96/128 kbps. This will allow you to record long lectures or events without interruption.