SanDisk Sansa c250 MP3 Player

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SanDisk Sansa c250 MP3 Player

The new Sansa®  c200 Series MP3 players are the latest in SanDisk's audio line. Created by the leaders in flash memory, this flash-based player provides everything you need to play music, enjoy photos, and FM radio – in vibrant color!

This affordable, compact color-screen MP3 player has an amazingly easy-to-use interface. It supports Microsoft PlaysForSure subscription music and is available in 1GB and 2GB capacities.


* Plays MP3, WMA, WAV and protected WMA DRM
* By capacity, holds large number of MP3/WMA songs and hours of playback (see above capacity matrix)
* Affordable, compact MP3 Player with color screen - Color screen (up to 64,000 colors) displays cover art and photo thumbnails
* Easy-to-use interface for sorting and playing back your music
* Digital FM tuner with 20 preset stations
* FM 'on the fly' recording and voice recording
* Supports Subscription Music Stores
* High-speed USB2.0 for fast and easy file transfer
* Rechargeable & Removeable Battery
* MicroSD™ Slot

Minimum System Requirements

* Windows XP
* Windows Media Player 10+
* CD-ROM drive
* USB 2.0 port required for hi-speed transfer