SanDisk Sansa e260R Rhapsody 4GB MP3 Player

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SanDisk Sansa e260R Rhapsody 4GB MP3 Player

The Sansa® e200R Rhapsody Series MP3 players are based on the flagship products of SanDisk's audio line. Created by the leaders in flash memory and "optimized" for the Best Buy Digital Music Store experience (powered by Rhapsody), this flash-based player provides everything you need for music, photo, and video clip playback.

The very attractive, sleek design includes a 1.8" TFT color screen with advanced navigational features and an easy to use interface. You can also avoid scratches and cracks with the strong scratch resistant alloy metal backing. The Sansa e200R Rhapsody provides superior sound playback and supports Microsoft PlaysForSure subscription music. The SanDisk Media Converter supports most image formats to enjoy photos and small personal videos.

Feature List:

* Sleek, thin design with large 1.8" TFT color screen for easy viewing
* Unlimited access to millions of songs
* Continuous new music with Rhapsody Channels; save songs you like and skip songs you don't
* Personalized music based on your favorite artists and listening history
* Preloaded with hundreds of great songs via Rhapsody Channels and Playlists
* Features microSD® expansion slot for additional memory capacity
* Supports SanDisk TrustedFlash™-enabled cards and Gruvi content cards
* Digital FM tuner, on-the-fly FM recording, and voice recording
* Strong alloy metal back casing provides excellent durability and scratch resistance
* Simple to use, backlit controls for fast device interface navigation
* User replaceable and rechargeable Lithium Ion battery for up to 20 hours of battery life
* Includes the Sansa Media Converter to support all picture and video formats

Minimum System Requirements

* Windows XP
* Windows Media Player 10+
* CD-ROM drive
* USB 2.0 port required for hi-speed transfer

Package Contents

* Sansa e200R Rhapsody Series Player
* Travel pouch and lanyard
* Stereo headphones
* Lithium Ion rechargeable battery
* USB cable
* Quick Start Guide, CD with User Guide, and additional flyer inserts