Sony NWZ-S736F 4GB Walkman Video MP3 Player

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Sony NWZ-S736F 4GB Walkman Video MP3 Player

Access your entertainment while on-the-go with the super-slim NWZ-S736FBNC 4GB Walkman® video MP3 player. It features integrated noise cancellation and five clear audio technologies. Make the most of noise canceling technology with the supplied accessory that easily connects to other devices or in-flight entertainment systems with an audio input. Long battery life lets you listen to music, podcasts and FM programming up to 40 hours or watch up to 10 hours of videos on a single charge. Additionally, this Walkman comes with an innovative feature called SensMe™, which uses beats-per-minute and an algorithm to analyze portions of your music and automatically create music channels. Enhance your listening experience with the included EX headphones which are equipped with built-in noise canceling.

Exceptional sound quality
With five clear audio technologies: The NWZ-S736FBNC houses five integrated clear audio technologies, allowing you to enjoy all of your music and videos with exceptional crisp sound.

Integrated noise canceling system
The NWZ-S736FBNC features integrated noise canceling technology that cancels up to 75 percent of ambient noise. An in-box adaptor can also turn your Walkman® player and EX headphones combination into noise canceling headphones for other devices. For example, simply connect the included adapter to your Walkman® player and the AV system in an airplane via an audio jack, and you're ready to enjoy the benefit of noise canceling technology while watching an in-flight movie.

Long battery life
A long-lasting battery lets you listen to music for up to 40 hours or watch video for up to 10 hours before you need to recharge.

4GB Built-in Memory
4GB Built-in Memory stores up to 915 songs or 14 1/2 H of video

High-quality EX Headphones included
EX Headphones are specially designed produce a dynamic and wide range of acoustical sound. Additionally, EX Headphones are engineered with an angular design that fits comfortably in the ear. Even more, the EX Headphones have a built-in noise cancelling function that reduce ambient noises and enhance your overall listening experience.

SensMe™ is an innovative feature on the NWZ-S736FBNC that actually looks at the beats-per-minute and an algorithm that classifies and automatically groups your music into channels, making listening and managing all of your content even simpler.

Supports multiple video codecs
The NWZ-S736FBNC supports multiple high-quality video formats (AVC (H.264/AVC), MPEG-4, and WMV ,giving you more freedom to download the kinds of video that you want.