Sony NWZ-X1051FBSMP Walkman Video MP3 Player

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Sony NWZ-X1051FBSMP Walkman Video MP3 Player

Rediscover music with the 16GB X Series Walkman video MP3 player. Boasting a stunning 3.0-inch OLED touch-screen display, digital noise cancellation and wireless connectivity, the X Series takes portability to the next level. Equipped with built-in Wi-Fi, you can connect to the internet and access your favorite websites including Yahoo!, YouTube™ and Slacker Personal Radio. You can also subscribe to your favorite podcasting sites and receive podcasts straight to the MP3 player via a Wi-Fi connection. The X Series also features advanced audio qualities and comes with premium EX noise canceling headphones.

Quality of Sound
Digital clear audio technologies, S-Master™ digital amplifier, digital noise canceling4 function with Noise Canceling EX headphones (MDR-NC20).

OLED Display
OLED technology has a response time suitable for movie playback. A wide viewing angle of nearly 180 degrees gives consistent tone and stable contrast, as well as, a wide range of color reproduction and a high contrast ratio.

Drag and Drop Functionality
Easily load your music, pictures, and video onto this player by dragging and dropping them into the video MP3 player on your computer.

100 Free Music Downloads
Purchase a Sony X series Walkman player and receive 100 free music downloads from Sony Music. Choose from hundreds of thousands of the world's greatest songs, and start enjoying them on-the-go with your new X series Walkman player. (a PIN is required to access, and is provided in-the-box with your purchase).

Long Battery Life
Equipped with a long-lasting battery that enables you to listen to up to 33 hours of music and watch up to 9 hours of video without needing to recharge.

Discover Music
Slacker radio offers free personalized music that uploads to your Walkman player when the player is connected to a wireless LAN and when you are in a WiFi zone (Slacker registration is required after 30 days).

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