Konica Minolta CC-100/CC-110 CRT Color Analyzer

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Konica Minolta CC-100/CC-110 CRT Color Analyzer

Highly accurate Convergence-Meter for CRT Computer Monitors

The accuracy with which the electron radiation of a CRT tube strikes the phosphors has a very strong influence on the image quality of a colour monitor. Poor convergence becomes noticeable through colour borders and blurriness. The Konica Minolta convergence meters quickly, easily and accurately measure the convergence and allow a rapid objective inspection in production and service. Optional Windows software assists with archiving and visualizing the data.

Convergence Meter for monitors
The CC-100 is designed for use on monitors with a phosphor pitch of 0.21mm to 0.52m. A highly developed colour CCD inside the compact receptor head captures the measurement position over the optics and passes on the signals to the main instrument. There, image-editing software determines the brightness centers of the red, blue, and green pixels and outputs their spacing as misconvergence on a large, illuminated display. The analysis in final control, for example, can be even more easily and more rapidly performed with two selectable tolerance areas, the transgression of which is indicated with LEDs.

The convergence analysis works with crosshatch, dot, vertical or horizontal line test patterns. The reference colour can be freely chosen. Control over the CCD image (the measuring point) can be done over an external monitor. The V-sync input allows the synchronization of the CC with the image reproduction frequency of the monitor that is being measured.

CC-100 CRT Convergence Meter

Numerical control of the misconvergence of color CRT displays. High-accuracy measurements within ±3% ± 0.02mm for absolute values. Highly user-friendly.
Quality control and inspection by CRT manufacturers Color CRT delivery inspection

CC-110 CRT Convergence Meter

Numerical control of the misconvergence of home-use color TVs and high-definition TVs.
Measurements are made using white patterns.
Highly user-friendly.
R&D by home-use TV manufacturers
Delivery inspection of home-use TVs