Konica Minolta CM-2500c Spectrophotometers

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Konica Minolta CM-2500c Spectrophotometers

CM-2500c with 45/0° geometry, is a portable, hand-held spectrophotometer designed to measure, match and control the color of small, irregular surfaces as well as substrates with grain, texture or directional characteristics.

The CM-2500c is a 45/0 geometry model. easy to use as all other Konica Minolta models in the range.
The new model is fully equipped with hardware and software features to cover a wide range of applications where 45/0 geometry is either recommended or stipulated by norms. These are areas such as automotive interiors such as plastics and textile parts as well as solid paints, coil coatings, high visibility clothing or printing & packaging.

The CM-2500c body is sleek and light-weight that allows perfect operation. The first thing you will notice is the large display and total absence of numerous operation buttons found on traditional instruments. In fact there are only two of them: The unique "Navigation wheel" which allows easy navigation through the operation menu - as easy as using a computer mouse - and the measurement button to perform measurements.

The innovative optical system
The CM-2500c optical design is based on the pursuit of maximum reproducibility and stability of measurement during actual use. It also strives to reduce recurring measurement errors during repeated colour measurements and improve accuracy.
The mixing box (integrating hemisphere) and the illumination slit create a ring-shaped light source which achieves a perfect annular illumination and improved 45/0 geometry in comparison to conventional systems. The additional collimator lens provides illuminating/received light beams with high parallelism and thus uniformity within the area. A large sample contact area offers close and stable contact ensuring easy measurement of samples with curved surfaces such as automotive parts or soft samples.

The benefits of this elaborated optical system, in comparison to the traditional 45/0 geometry Spectrophotometers, result in a significantly improved repeatability on any surface, the elimination of direction dependency and a reduction of influence due to changes in measuring position, instrument rotation, sample position or sample inclination. The result is the highest possible measurement stability.

Lightweigt, compact and easy operation
With its ergonomic design and weight of only 670 gr. (without batteries), the CM-2500c is perfectly suited for any application in laboratories and on site. The compact size and accessibility of the measurement aperture allow the user to measure samples of any shape or size. The exclusive "Navigation wheel" and measuring button are highly ergonomic. The Navigation wheel "guides" the user through all the menu options - back and forth - just like using a PC mouse. The CM-2500c sets the standard when looking for a simple and fast handling instrument.

The CM-2500c is a 45/0 model spectrophotometer providing the same accuracy, precision and portability as you can expect from any Konica Minolta instrument.
The 45/0 viewing optics correlate closely with visual perception of objects. The innovative optical system ensures perfect annular illumination for best repeatability and stability.

The CM-2500c is best suited for color measurement of samples such as automotive interior parts, coil coatings, plastics, paint, packaging, and raw materials.


* Innovative 45/0 geometry optics
* Most lightweight, compact and rugged in its class
* 360-740 nm wavelength range, 10 nm resolution
* Single-handed operation with "Navigation wheel"
* Free choice of power source : AC adapter or AA batteries
* A breakthrough in 45/0 optics with unprecedented accuracy & stability