Konica Minolta CM-2600d/2500d Spectrophotometer

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Konica Minolta CM-2600d/2500d Spectrophotometer

A well proven portable spectrophotometer with unprecedented intuitive and comprehensive user interface combined with many innovative technical features which expands the boundaries for on site color quality control in production.

The CM-2600d portable spectrophotometer has convinced thousands of users world-wide due to it's ergonomic and intuitive design, and therefore unprecedented ease of use.

Single handed operation, the exclusive "Navigation wheel", the unique sample observation device and the large data information display combined with world's first" technology such as simultaneous numerical gloss control and numerical UV control are the main highlight features of this portable spectrophotometer.

Whoever uses a portable spectrophotometer in production wants to use it intuitively and easily, regardless of it's features and capabilities. This is why Konica Minolta has focused their efforts in developing an instrument which has set new standards in ergonomic and intuitive design and therefore ease of use as well as user interactivity. The result is a sleek and lightweight body with horizontal alignment that allows perfect operation, especially for flat samples. . The first thing you will notice is the large display and total absence of numerous operation buttons found on traditional instruments. In fact there are only two of them: the unique "Navigation wheel" which allows easy navigation through the operation menu - as easy as using a computer mouse - and the measurement button to perform measurements.

"Information Centre" Display
Displaying data graphically or numerically, it shows you all the facts about the measured color at a glance. Whether it is simple Pass/Fail indications, colorimetric data with descriptive color difference, or L*a*b* color graph with box or elliptical tolerances, one is in control at any time. The internal software contains all necessary colorimetric equations and standard light sources to cover different tasks as well as numerous industry and application specific indices. The internal software communicates in six languages (English, German, French, Spanish Italian and Japanese) and thus is prepared for an international color communication network.
Sample observation for precise targeting of small specimens has never been as simple as with the CM-2600d. With one touch and even on very dark samples, the very bright special illumination LED allows comfortable and true sample viewing.

Part of a global color communication network
The CM-2600d fits perfectly into Konica Minolta's broad range of color measuring systems. The perfect inter-instrument agreement with the line of bench-top instruments, as well as the commonly shared line of software's, creates a total solution suitable for all stages in the manufacturing process throughout all kinds of applications. It is therefore not just a fine piece of hardware, but also the expansion into a new generation of instrumentation linked with the world of Information Technology..

The CM-2600d combines very simple, comfortable and intuitive use with the highly sophisticated and patented Innovative Optical System to meet the highest expectations for color measurement in Quality Assurance of almost any application. Initially launched with the bench top Spectrophotometer CM-3600d series, this innovative technology, built into a d/8° sphere, includes Numerical Gloss-Control and, now available for the first time in a portable instrument, numerical UV-Control. Together with the high energy xenon flash illumination and the high resolution monolithic dual beam monochromator, the entire optical system is free from moving parts and therefore guarantees substantial advantages in raggedness and reliability.

Unequalled: Numerical Gloss Control
The Numerical Gloss Control which, for each measurement, provides simultaneous data with specular component included (SCI) and excluded (SCE). Instead of mechanical moving parts, the Numerical Gloss Control sequentially fires two xenon flashes, for SCI and SCE. At any time, you can show both measurement results in the display of the CM-2600d. The advantages of Numerical Gloss Control technology lies in its superior optical results as well as the absence of any moving parts making the CM-2600d rugged enough for portable applications.

World first: Numerical UV-Control
The CM-2600d is the world's first portable instrument to offer the patented numerical UV-Control. This innovative technology drastically reduces calibration and measurement procedure time when measuring products treated with optical brighteners such as Textiles, Papers and Detergents. Instead of using the mechanically driven filters of traditional methods, the numerical UV-Control technology uses two xenon flashes (one including UV and one excluding UV energy) and special mathematics. Within a few seconds, both results, with and without UV as well as under different illumination conditions can be displayed.

Two measuring apertures to cover all sample sizes
The CM-2600d offers great flexibility of use with two interchangeable measurement apertures with Φ 8 mm (MAV) and Φ 3 mm (SAV). Changing the aperture mask is very easy and quick. The two lens position settings guarantee perfect data correlation with both apertures. These two apertures enable to measure samples of all size and shapes and avoid taking time consuming average measurements on structured surfaces or faulty results on small samples.

CM-2500d the lower cost option
Same simplicity and same performance but without the following features:

* No UV adjustment
* 8mm aperture only

Together with their comprehensive built in software, all models conform perfectly to international standards such as DIN5033, 5036, 6174; JISZ8722; ISO7724, ISO2470; ASTMD2244; E308, E313, E1164, BS6923 und ASTMD1925, as well as the VDA recommendations 280 part 1to 3.