Konica Minolta CM-3500d Spectrophotometer

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Konica Minolta CM-3500d Spectrophotometer

A Multi-Function Top-Port Spectrophotometer suitable for virtually any application.

The Konica Minolta CM-3500d Spectrophotometer is a highly accurate d/8° geometry, top-port instrument designed for a broad range of color measurement applications. Control is performed via computer software SpectraMagic NX to provide simple, efficient colour control from the research laboratory to the factory floor.

The CM-3500d offers both reflectance and transmittance measurements. Changeable measuring aperture mask with 3, 8 and 30mm diameter and a special mask for a Petri Dish offer maximum flexibility for all kind of samples.

The top-port design allows specimens to be simply placed on top of the unit, making it easy to measure the reflectance of not only solids but also granular, powders, pastes or even opaque liquids.

Transparent liquids or solids can be measured in the transmission chamber.

Reflective Color Measurement

* SCI/SCE Switching
When SCI is selected, measurements will be unaffected by the specimen surface condition, and this is ideal for the control of color compounding ratios and CCM. Alternatively, SCE can be selected to obtain test measurements for conditions approximating visual examination by eliminating specularly reflected light.
* Measurement Diameter SwitchingMeasurement diameters of 30mm, 8mm, and 3mm (optional) can be selected according to the specimen being measured.
* Powder and paste measurementAn optional Petri Dish Set allows powder and paste specimens to be measured.

Transparent Color Measurement

Measurement of transparent colors is supported by diffuse illumination/0°viewing angle (d/0) geometry. Wide-ranging support is provided for measurement of glass filters and other sheet- or plate-type specimens, in addition to liquid items for food products, cosmetics, etc.

Main Features

* Highly accurate and reliable benchtop instrument which can be controlled from a computer using Windows software
* Features a d/8 optical system (diffuse illumination/8° viewing angle).
* Measurement diameters of 30mm and 8mm supported as standard; Φ3mm available as an option.
* Capable of transparent color measurement using a d/0 optical system.
* Powder and paste specimens may be measured using an optional Petri Dish Set.