Konica Minolta CM-512m3 Spectrophotometer

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Konica Minolta CM-512m3 Spectrophotometer

The CM-512m3 is a multi-angle spectrophotometer especially designed for metallic paints. It uses an exclusive geometry with 0° viewing and illumination at 25°, 45° and 75° angles.

This special geometry is truly symmetric and therefore free of orientation errors often found in traditional multi-angle instruments. In addition, this illumination gives very accurate results even when curved surfaces are measured. Therefore difficult samples such as vehicle mirror bodies or door handles can be measured easily. The CM-512m3 is extremely rugged because it is free of any moving parts.

The temperature data of the sample is measured at each measurement. This data is memorised with each sample reading, so that thermochromatic effects can be analysed. Another practical feature is the infrared data transfer to an external PC, which frees you from troublesome cable connections.

The CM-512m3 measures color by illuminating subjects from three angles simultaneously (25°, 45° and 75°), making it suitable for subjects such as metallic/pearl coatings used for automotive exteriors or for the textured materials used for automotive interiors and allowing the changes in color according to the illumination angle to be measured.

Unlike conventional spectrophotometers, correlation of the measurement results with visual evaluation of such subjects can be achieved.

Main Features

Multi-angle design
A single operation allows measurements to be taken simultaneously from three different angles (25°, 45°, and 75°)

Ring illumination
With illumination provided from 18 radial directions, the effect of workpiece orientation on measurement results can be eliminated.

Line graph display
The graph display function enables easy color judgment even on production sites without using a personal computer.

Evaluation equation suitable for measurements of metallic/pearl coating correlates well with visual evaluation

With the CM-512m3, the ΔE00 (CIE 2000) equation is used with parameters fine-tuned based on proprietary knowhow to provide measurement data for metallic/pearl coatings which correlate well with visual evaluation.

Surface color calculation
Color value: L*a*b* , L*C*h,
Color difference: ΔL*a*b*, ΔL*C*H*, ΔE*ab, CMC(l:c) , ΔE00(CIE DE2000)
Standard Observer: 2°/10°
Standard Illuminant: A, C, D50, D65, F2, F6, F7, F8, F10, F11, F12

Average measurement
The CM-512m3 supports automatic average measurement and manual average measurement. In the former, precision is increased by taking multiple measurements of the same specimen location setting; in the latter, measurements of different specimen locations are performed to efficiently determine the overall average data. In addition, an outlier elimination function allows the two measurements with the greatest difference from the average to be removed before calculation is performed.

Color-difference limit evaluation
Judgment as to whether or not a measured color is within a specific range can be made at a glance, thus simplifying quality-checking procedures.

440 data storage capacity
The CM-512m3 can store a total of 440 items of color-difference target data and measurement data.