Konica Minolta CM-700d/600d Spectrophotometer

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Konica Minolta CM-700d/600d Spectrophotometer

CM-700d/600d: Compact, lightweight spectrophotometers with wireless communication and color LCD screen, offering excellent portability and operability!

We are surrounded by abundant colors. In the automotive, home appliance, portable phone, textile and clothing industries the variation in colors are increasing in order to differentiate products. In the food industry, the importance of color management continues to rise. Under such circumstances, the applications of color-measuring instruments have been rapidly spreading from R&D or QC departments to production sites, as well as from product manufacturers to parts/material suppliers.
The CM-700d/600d is a spectrophotometer that has achieved a much more compact and lightweight body while retaining the sophisticated functions of Konica Minolta's conventional models by utilizing our original optical design and signal processing technologies. It allows easy and accurate color measurement in various sites and occasions.
The easy-to-read color LCD screen allows intuitive recognition of measurement results.
Experience the ease for yourself!

Perfect design to fit in your hand
* Ergonomic, compact and lightweight
* Vertical format for easy positioning
* Excellent portability for production sites

Measure anywhere!
The tapered measuring head allows for easy checking of measurement positions. The upright design ensures easy measurement, even on concave surfaces.
The measuring aperture is selectable between Φ8 mm and Φ3 mm according to the sample size (CM-700d only).

Bluetooth® compatible!
Data can be sent to a PC or a mobile printer via Bluetooth® wireless communication. (USB communication with a PC is also possible.)

Easy to operate!
Dedicated buttons for frequently used operations make it easy to call up menus or target colors. The menu-driven display allows anyone to operate the instrument intuitively.

Easy-to-read color LCD screen!
Abundant information is displayed in color for easy understanding.
Measured colors can also be reproduced as color patches on the color LCD, which is useful to check the level of color difference or to search for colors.