Konica Minolta CR-400/410 Colorimeters

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Konica Minolta CR-400/410 Colorimeters

More powerful and more versatile than ever from the famous Chroma-Meter series.

The Chroma Meters CR-400 supersedes the internationally recognized and acclaimed series CR-100, CR-200 and CR-300. It offers a huge number of added value features and improved versatility, while fully maintaining all optical properties and therefore, guaranties full data compatibility with the previous series. The CR-400, with its 8mm measuring area is suitable for measuring reflected color and color difference in a wide range of industrial fields. It is able to meet the needs of various applications, from all sorts of ingredients, foods, raw materials and finished products to pharmaceuticals and dermatological applications - the CR-400 handles all!

If your samples are structured or uneven in surface, such as granulates, fabrics, wood, stones, bricks, then the CR-410 is the right choice. Its unique very large aperture of 50 mm is perfectly suited for such samples and thus avoids averaging of several measurements.

The main improvements focus on enhanced usability and functionality such as the re-designed Data Processor, featuring a large back light display for numerical or graphic display of measurement data and a built-in thermal high speed printer. The data memory now can store up to 100 target colors and 1,000 measurements. Several new color spaces and Pass/Fail formulas as well as indices for whiteness and yellowness enhance the usage into various fields of applications. The new "user indices" function allows the input of up to six different user or application specific equations using XYZ, Yxy or CIELAB values. Furthermore, the communication languages can be set for English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.

For even more user flexibility the measuring head, equipped with Display, function keys and power supply, can now be used as "stand alone" without the Data Processor or as an additional option even directly be interfaced to the PC to run with the optional Windows® QC software SpectraMagic NX.

With all these features, the unsurpassed ease of use and the legendary raggedness, the fourth generation of Chroma Meters is bound to continue its success throughout the world of modern color control.

* Logical naming of buttons allows the setting and calibration of color-difference target colors and other similar measurement operations to be carried out with ease.
* With repeatability within ΔE*ab 0.07 and excellent inter-instrument agreement (within ΔE*ab 0.6 for the CR-400; within ΔE*ab 0.8 for the CR-410), these products deliver high levels of accuracy.
* A user calibration function allows even higher levels of precision to be achieved. (Requires a Data Processor or optional software.)
* Limit values can be set and acceptability criteria evaluated (pass, warn, or fail). (Requires a Data Processor or optional software.)
* In addition to the color systems on the CR-300 and CR-310, a wide range of other color systems are available for selection.
* Up to 1,000 data can be stored when using the measuring head alone, and this can be increased to 2,000 data when the head is connected to a Data Processor. (In both cases, a total of 100 color-difference target colors can be stored.)
* Able to display color difference graphs, these Chroma Meters allow color difference conditions to be ascertained at a glance. (when used with Data Processor)
* Input of comments for color-difference target colors and of calibration channel names can be performed in the same simple procedure as used with mobile phones. (when used with Data Processor)
* A backlit LCD panel allows data to be displayed with clarity and precision.
* Screen content can be displayed in any of six different languages, including English and Japanese.
* Rechargeable batteries are used to reduce running costs.

Main Features

* Independent measurement with the measuring head
The measuring head can be disconnected from the Data Processor to perform measurements independently. In addition, it is also possible to link the measuring head directly to a PC, and optional software (sold separately) can then be used to allow the PC to carry out data processing in place of the Data Processor.

* Free selection of evaluation and color-calculation formulae
Featuring a user index function for the free setting of evaluation and color-calculation formulae, the CR-400 and CR-410 Chroma Meters are not limited to standard evaluation formulae and color systems such as L*a*b*; rather, they are ideal solutions when performing color control using formulae unique to a specific industry or customer.

* Full complement of accessories for flexible specimen support
The many accessories available for these Chroma Meters facilitate the measurement of powder, liquid, paste, and many other types of specimens.

*Compact Data Processor with integrated high-speed printer
Although it conceals a high-speed printer, the battery-powered* Data Processor boasts a lightweight, compact design, With size and weight reduced by approximately half from that of the CR-300 series, this device can also be fitted with a shoulder strap for added mobility.

* CR-300 and CR-310 data compatibility
The Chroma Meter CR-400 and CR-410 feature the same illumination/viewing optical system as the CR-300 and CR-310. Respectively data compatibility is assured. As a result, data obtained using these earlier devices may still be put to effective use.