Konica Minolta LCS-III Spectrophotometer

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Konica Minolta LCS-III Spectrophotometer

The LCS-III precisely measures the color of all optically clear liquids and is ideal for beverages, food, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals. In addition to standard color scales, the LCS-II includes Gardner, APHA or Hazen, ASTM D1500, and Pharmacopoeia. That means you can use the LCS-III in applications as varied as checking water contaminants at industrial sites, or measuring the color of injectable drugs and medications.

The LCS-III comes equipped with software to give statistical evaluations as well as spectral graphs, and the instrument can be operated as a stand-alone - no PC is required.


* Reliable operation through intuitive menu guidance and archived user profiles
* All important color scales included
* Correct measurement results thanks to automatic cuvette identification
* High level of measurement reliability through a comprehensive set of test aids
* Only 7 seconds per measurement
* Exact and reproducible measured values: determinations of the spectral color value with a resolution of 10 nm, together with automatic cuvette
* identification, guarantees unsurpassed measurement reliability. One advantage of the spectral measurement is long-term stability, as in contrast to filter photometers, no ageing occurs.
* Simple integration into the existing laboratory network through USB connection
* Working storage for 500 measured values and 50 color value references
* Simple to use thanks to clear instructions on color touchscreen
* Uncomplicated handling as measurements are carried out in an open compartment
* LCS III is a safe Investment, as its 22 integrated color scales cover all requirements:
* Conventional scales such as iodine, Hazen (Pt Co), Gardner, Pharm. and Eur.
* Specific scales such as Saybolt or ASTM.
* One important benefit is LCS III's high level of flexibility in quality control: measured values can be evaluated in all scales, also after the event with archived spectral data.
* Ideal for several users: 100 user profiles can be archived with individual configurations. Password protection and user-specific display colors support secure access.
* The dynamic measuring range bar shows clearly where the value is located in the color scale. Adaptable measuring range limits satisfy user requirements perfectly.
* Reliability through automated quality checks: LCS III automatically provides reminders of for certified test filters, calibration and service interval.