Konica Minolta Pulsox-2 Pulse Oximeter

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Konica Minolta Pulsox-2 Pulse Oximeter

Featuring a small, lightweight design with excellent portability, the PULSOX-2 is an ideal solution for the examination of patients during house calls, and also for monitoring in out-patient departments and hospital wards.

The PULSOX 2 represents another new concept of pulse oximetry instruments, the pulse oximeter with integrated finger sensor.

* Integrated finger sensor
* Ultra lightweight
* Easy to operate
* Big LCD backlit display with Pulse Rate, SpO2, Pulse amplitude indicator, motion artefacts
* Long last battery operation (72 hours)
* High stability
* Robust design
* Ideal for use in hospital (nursing, emergency, ward), home care and sports medicine
* KONICA MINOLTA quality product

Main Features

* User friendly
By simply placing a finger into the finger holder, the monitor automatically turns on and begins measurement.
* Large, convenient display
A large LCD ensures that text and values can be seen easily. In addition, the backlight turns on automatically when in dark surroundings.
* Extremely portable
Weighing only 70g, the compact PULSOX-2 may be easily carried around; furthermore, a neck strap offers added mobility and ease-of-use.
* Tough design
This instrument has been designed to be durable against knocks and bangs. As such, it is highly suitable for home usage.
* Established reputation for performance
The PULSOX-2 has inherited the renowned design and performance perfected through years of experience with the PULSOX series.
* Long battery life
A highly energy-efficient design allows 80 hours of continuous use from a pair of AAA-size batteries.