Konica Minolta VIVID 9i Non-contact 3D Digitizer

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Konica Minolta VIVID 9i Non-contact 3D Digitizer

VIVID 9i provides high precision, making it well suited for the dimensional measurement demands of industrial processes such as dies, casting, forging, sheet metal and molded plastics part production.

3D Digitizer-for high accuracy measurements

The VIVID 9i uses a new hardware design and an improved measurement algorithm to provide 4 times the measurement accuracy of our previous models (to 50µm), enabling 3D measurement of automobile parts and other objects formed by casting, pressing, molding, etc.
The VIVID 9i can be used for reverse engineering to reflect the shape and dimension data of mock-ups or prototypes in design drawings, or checking part shape, checking molds, inspecting quality, etc. in prototype-production or mass-production processes.

The VIVID 9i requires only 2.5 seconds per scan to acquire accurate 3D data. Consequently, the VIVID 9i is ideal for accuracy verification and shape inspection of cast, forged, and pressed automotive parts and plastic-molded automotive parts.

Measure targets of any size.
Konica Minolta employed its expertise in optical engineering to develop interchangeable highperformance,
dedicated lenses. As a result, TELE, MIDDLE and WIDE lenses can be selected to accommodate the size of the measurement target. (Input range in X, Y and Z directions: 93 x 69 x 26 mm to 1495 x 1121 x 1750 mm)

Point & Shoot, Leave detailed settings to the 9i.
Konica Minolta's AF/AE technology, developed through its expertise in camera manufacturing, relieves users from the need to determine the exact measuring distance. Moreover, the system automatically determines the optimum laser power for the surface conditions of the target. (Scan Range : standard mode 0.6 to 1.0 m, Extended mode 0.5 to 2.5 m )

High speed and high accuracy
Start the measurement by framing the scan area on the LCD Viewfinder of the VIVID 9i unit or on the host computer’s display .
Each scan requires only 2.5 seconds to aquire accurate 3D data.

Standards-Traceable performance
Konica Minolta supports compliance with ISO 9000. Manufacturers using VIVID 9i for QC applications can receive test report of the accuracy of each 9i, traceable to national standard. Thereby ensuring that our measuring instruments and your process conform to ISO
9000 requirements.
* On request, Konica Minolta can provide a test report for each 9i unit. This test report is created by evaluating the measurement accuracy for all 3 lenses of each 9i using our Reference 3D Chart, an artifact traceable to national standards, and thus can be used as documentation for conformance with ISO requirements.
Give us your part, and we'll prove it to you.

The new Field Calibration System maintains the high reliability of the factory settings by canceling the degraded accuracy caused by lens exchange or a change in environment. A simple calibration procedure before use assures the optimal performance from the 9i.