Griffin iTalk Pro Stereo Mic

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Griffin iTalk Pro Stereo Mic

iTalk Pro is perfect for capturing how the world around you really sounds.

Whether you're taking lecture notes, conducting an interview, or just want to bring the sounds of the great outdoors indoors, iTalk Pro lets you record directly to your iPod, in CD-quality stereo. Your only limitations are the available room on your iPod, and your own imagination.

iTalk has twin built-in microphones and adjustable gain settings that give you control over the volume. You can also use external microphones with iTalk Pro. Just plug your mic into iTalk's 3.5mm stereo input jack. Use with a splitter to connect two microphones; use with Griffin Instrument Cables and dispense with awkward adapters.

iTalk Pro turns your iPod into a truly portable, high-quality, handheld mobile recording studio.

Technical Specifications

* 16-bit stereo audio at 44.1 kHz
* 16-bit mono at 22 kHz
* Built-in stereo microphones
* 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo input jack for external mics