Logitech 981-000056 Vantage USB Microphone

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Logitech 981-000056 Vantage USB Microphone

Sing along with a USB microphone that ensures high-quality audio input.

The Logitech® Vantage™ USB Microphone enhances your favorite PLAYSTATION®3 and PlayStation®2 singing games with high-quality audio input.


* High-performance microphone: Accurately reproduces the sound of your voice.


* Reliable, high-quality design: Enjoy your favorite singing games over and over.
* Designed for singing: Showcases your voice.
* 15-foot cable: Perform without being tied down.

System Requirements

o PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system
o PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system

Package Contents

o Logitech® Vantage™ USB Microphone
o Installation Guide
o 1-year limited warranty