Roland MMP-2 Mic Modeling Preamp

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Roland MMP-2 Mic Modeling Preamp

The Roland MMP-2 offers new features not found on any other microphone preamp?like COSM® Preamp and Mic modeling, four bands of fully parametric EQ, modeled tube compression, an enhancer and de-esser-plus ultra-intuitive control software for your Mac or PC. And the sound quality rivals that of preamps costing hundreds more, thanks to superb-quality analog circuits and 24-bit/96kHz A/D conversion. You can even download new effect plug-ins through USB, making the MMP-2 an indispensable tool for recording microphones and acoustic instruments.

* 2-channel modeling preamp for recording and live performance
* Combines premium analog components and 24-bit/96kHz A/D conversion
* COSM Preamp Modeling for access to 9 classic and modern studio preamp sounds
* COSM Mic Modeling for a variety of high-end mic sounds
* Models are optimized for AKG C3000B, plus four additional mics
* Includes 4 bands of fully parametric EQ with 9 filter types, modeled tube compression, plus enhancer and de-esser
* Analog I/O includes 2 XLR/trs Mic inputs with Phantom Power and 2 XLR Line outputs
* Coaxial digital I/O and aes/ebu digital output for tight studio integration
* USB port allows PC control, plus ability to download new effect plug-ins
* Bundled software with intuitive graphic editing of EQ, compressors and more

Better Recording Through Circuitry
The MMP-2 uses the same analog circuits of the mic preamps used in Roland's VS-2480. In blind listening tests, these preamps were rated higher than much more expensive stand-alone models. How is this possible? To start, Roland carefully selected each of the analog components. Then, we designed a circuit that separates the analog, digital and power components, creating maximum warmth with minimal noise—a difference you can really hear.

COSM Mic Modeling and DSP Effects
At its basic level, the MMP-2 sounds great. But with the addition of 24-bit/96kHz A/D converters and DSP effects, this futuristic mic pre takes things to a whole new level. To start, there's COSM technology to model the sound of vintage and high-end studio microphones. From there, you can tweak your sound with four bands of fully parametric EQ, modeled tube compression, enhancer and de-esser effects.

Wired for Today's Studio
The desktop MMP-2 provides a variety of professional connections to handle just about any recording or live situation. On the top panel, you'll find two balanced XLR/TRS Microphone inputs; there's also two balanced XLR outputs on the back. And unlike other microphone preamps, you'll also find a coaxial digital input, plus digital outputs in S/PDIF and AES/EBU formats—great for digital studios!

Open New Doors with USB
Why does the MMP-2 have a USB port? To use the bundled control software with your PC! Imagine drawing EQ curves or setting compressors using a sleek graphic interface. And that's not all… In the future, Roland will provide new effects algorithms—such as a noise suppressor, hum canceller, feedback eliminator and modeled tape saturation—which can be downloaded into the MMP-2, allowing you to customize your preamp with the effects you use most.