Sennheiser MKE Platinum-4-C Condenser Microphone

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Sennheiser MKE Platinum-4-C Condenser Microphone

The MKE platinum is a high-quality, sweat-resistant, sub-miniature clip-on microphone designed for all areas of live work. It features excellent sound quality and rugged design. The frequency response curve has been optimised for live stage work, with more headroom in the treble for higher levels and improved feedback rejection. The MKE platinum is fitted with a very thin (only 1 mm) yet rugged cable, making this microphone an ideal partner for all live sound applications. Colour: anthracite.


* Umbrella Diaphragm™ protects the mic against sweat
* Versatile attachment due to an extensive range of accessories
* High maximum sound pressure level
* Wide frequency response
* Treble response adapted to the requirements of live stage work
* Thin (only 1 mm), flexible and rugged cable, low in handling noise

Delivery Includes

* 1 MKE platinum-C clip-on microphone
* 1 MZC 2-1 cap (short)
* 1 MZC 2-2 cap (long)

Technical Data

Pick-up pattern: omni
Frequency response (microphone): 20.....20000 Hz +/- 2,5 dB
Sensitivity in free field, no load (1kHz): 6,3 mV/Pa +/- 2,5 dB
Nominal impedance: 1 kOhm
Min. terminating impedance: 4,7 kOhm
Equivalent noise level: 26 dB(A)
Equivalent noise level weighted as per CCIR 468-3: 39 dB
Maximum sound pressure level (passiv): 140 dB
Power supply: 18 kOhm/7,5 V
Current consumption: ca. 250 µA
XLR-Connector: 3 pol. Lemo
Cable length: 1,6 m
Dimensions: 4,8 mm Durchmesser
Weight: 1 g