Sony ECM-MS907 One-Point Stereo Microphone

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Sony ECM-MS907 One-Point Stereo Microphone

The ECM-MS907 one-point stereo microphone was created for the advanced amateur to make instrumental recordings. Ideal for usage with the MiniDisc Walkman™ and DAT Walkman portable stereos, the ECM-MS907 features a one-point stereo design, mid/side (MS) capsules with a switchable pickup angle, an Oxygen-free Copper (OFC) mic cable and a gold-plated stereo miniplug.

For advanced amateur use

For instrumental recording thanks to Sony's sensitive Electret Condenser microphone design.

Inconspicuous, compact design for easy portability.

One-point stereo design a single mic for stereo recording-is like having two microphones in one.

Ideal for portable DAT or MD digital recorders with wide dynamic range to complement digital recording systems.

Mid/Side (MS) capsules for natural stereo panorama; the Mid capsule picks up monophonic sound while the Side capsule picks up left/right difference sound; subtracting and adding the two capsule signals yield separate Left and Right channels - also permit electronic adjustment of pickup angle.

Mid/Side (MS) switch selects pickup angle between left and right channel; choose 90° for a single voice or instrument or 120° to pick up many voices and instruments, arranged across the stage.

Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) cable for minimum loss, minimum noise.

L-shaped stereo mini-plug fits portable recorders.

Gold-plated plug for maximum conductivity, minimum noise.

Triangular shape fits comfortably in the hand.

Supplied accessories include a stand/holder, windscreen and carrying case.

Product Specifications

* Battery Life : Approx. 100 hours with Sony AA Battery
* Cord Length : 5' (1.5m)
* Directivity : Uni-Directional (stereo); Directive angle 90 or 120° (switchable)
* Dynamic Range : More than 80dB
* Effective Output Level : -56 dBm ±4dB (0dB=1mW/Pa, 1kHz)
* Frequency Response : 100 - 15,000Hz
* Maximum sound pressure level input : more than 110dB SPL
* Output Impedance : 1 kohms ±20%, unbalanced
* Power Requirements : DC 1.5V from Manganese Battery (x1)
* Type : Mid-Side Stereo; Electret Condenser Microphone