Sony ECM-PC50 Electret Condenser Microphone

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Sony ECM-PC50 Electret Condenser Microphone

Communicate with friends and co-workers over the web with the omni-directional recording of the ECM-PC50 PC microphone. From wherever you're sitting, this highly sensitive microphone records your voice with high quality sound and low distortion. At only 4 inches high, the included stand won't take up much room on your desk. A supplied clip allows you to attach the microphone to your shirt for hands free communication while you conduct business.

Space saving small and compact microphone
With just 4 inches high, small than other microphones in the market, these mic will take very little space yet it is very powerful to complement your favorite headphones when gaming, recording, or chatting online

Suitable clip use for net-meeting
For additional convenience, the ECMPC50 detaches from the stand and can be used with a clip (included) for net meeting or VoIP use.

High quality ECM microphone (Mono)
This powerful mic has Sony technology used for business microphones to record events and meetings, offering superior clarity. If you are into music you can use this to record music to your PC or Voice recorder like a stereo business microphone

Plug in power only
The ECM-PC50 has a 3.5mm jack that plugs in the microphone jack of the computer or laptop or voice recorder. Does not require battery or additional AC power

Great complement to your favorite headphone
No more need to switch from your favorite headphone (that you use to listen to music from your PC ) to a headset when you game or chat on line. Keep the headphones and just plug this sleek and small mic.