Sony F-V100 Omnidirectional Dynamic Vocal Microphone

Sony Updated: 2008-07-30 RSS
Sony F-V100 Omnidirectional Dynamic Vocal Microphone

The F-V100 omnidirectional dynamic vocal microphone features a compact, easy to carry design, a long 9'8" microphone cord, wide frequency response and a UniMatch® plug. This 4.1oz microphone is 2" in diameter and 6.5" in length.

Compact, easy to carry design is affordable and comfortable to hold and tote.

Long 9'8" microphone cord adds extra versatility for use in a wide range of situations.

Wide frequency response-100Hz to 10kHz is suitable for clear pick-up when recording speech or vocal music.

UniMatch® plug allows microphone to be used with all types of components.

Product Specifications

* Type : Dynamic microphone
* Directivity : Omni-directional
* Sensitivity : -56dB (open circuit output level)
* Frequency Response : 100-10,000Hz
* Impedance : 300 ohms
* Effective Output : -59.8±3dBm
* Cord Length : 9'8" (3m)
* Plug : UniMatch mini plug