Hitachi CG4000 Scanning Electron Microscope

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Hitachi CG4000 Scanning Electron Microscope

CG4000 High performance CD-SEM for 45nm / 32nm generation and beyond.
Basic performance has been enhanced through the entirely improved platform

Basic performance improvement
Hitachi has entirely improved the system platform to achieve our best basic performance.
Resolution : 1.8nm (@800V)
Measurement repeatability: 0.3nm 3σ, Hitachi standard wafer

DBM (Design Based Metrology)
Hitachi DesignGauge system, is able to measure the differences between the design data and pattern configuration on the wafer to provide measurement data for OPC validation.

Yield Enhancement

1) High accuracy process monitor
Hitachi increased the number of pixels for a SEM image and applied ACD (Averaged CD) function. The increase number of pixels has enabled ACD measurement under low magnification with the same measurement accuracy as those at high magnification. This function has proven to be effective for both resist and etched multi-layer patterns. The measurement results can be made available immediately for implementation of feedforward and/or feedback to production tools. This outcome is a great contributor to productivity improvement of the tools, yield enhancement, and provides our customers with a new paradigm for process monitor.

2) Off-Line recipe creation
In conjunction with Hitachi DesignGauge system, the CG4000 is enable to run the design data based measurement recipe. With this function, it able to reduce the measurement time and machine time for recipe creation.

CG4000 System Specifications

Wafer Size: 300mm (200mm)
Resolution: 1.8nm (Accelerating voltage: 800V)
Repeatability: ±1% or 0.3nm (3 sigma) (With Hitachi standard wafer
Autoloader: 2 or 3 FOUPs random access
Throughput: 36 wafers / hour (20-measurement points on wafer)

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