Hitachi S-3400N Fully Automated VP Scanning Electron Microscope

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Hitachi S-3400N Fully Automated VP Scanning Electron Microscope

* Patented Quad Bias and SE Bias Accelerator Plate Provide Superior Low Voltage Performance for Both High and Variable Pressure Vacuum Conditions
* Large Analytical Chamber wtih 5 Axis, Computer Eucentric Stage
* New, 5 Segment, Ultra Thin, Backscattered Electron Detector Capable of TV Rate Observation
* Fully Automated with One Button Automatic "No Touch" Objective Aperture Alignment
* Turbo Molecular Pump (TMP) Provides a Fast and Efficient 90 second Pump Down Time

The S-3400N is Hitachi's newest addition to a world class Variable Pressure SEM line-up. Built on the success of the S-3000 series instruments, the S-3400N offers advances in automation including full filament saturation and "no touch" objective aperture alignment. A new analytical chamber provides a total of ten ports with three high take off angle ports for EDS, Full Focusing WDS, PBS, EBSD, and XRF. A BSE detector allows TV rate scanning and high resolution imaging. Hitachi's patented Quad variable gun bias and SE accelerator plate ensures high currents for low voltage applications now approaching Field Emission performance.

System Specifications

Resolution: 3.0nm High Vacuum Mode; 4.0nm Variable Pressure Mode
Detectors: SE and BSE (solid state, TV rate observation)
Chamber: Accommodates 10 inch specimen; Three high TOA ports for EDS, WDS, EBSP, XRF, etc.
Stage: Fully eucentric, 5 axis computer controlled mororized stage
Electron Gun: Variable Quad Bias Circuitry with SE Accelerator Plate
Automation: Full automation including "no touch" objective aperture alignment
Vacuum: Turbo Molecular Pump (TMP)

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