Hitachi S-5500 In-Lens Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

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Hitachi S-5500 In-Lens Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

* 0.4nm resolution at 30kV (Highest SEM resolution guarantee in the world)
* 1.6nm resolution at 1kV
* Enormous magnification range of 60X – 2,000,000X
* Patented SE/BSE detector mode for signal mixing
* Unique BF/DF Duo-STEM detector option
* Diverse specimen holders, compatible with FIB and STEM

The Hitachi S-5500 In-lens FE-SEM is a dedicated ultra-high resolution FE-SEM for the advancement of leading edge research and development of nanotechnologies. Our patented in-lens technology provides the ultimate performance of imaging resolution and EDX analysis.

An astonishing resolution of 1.6nm at 1kV and 0.4nm at 30kV are guaranteed onsite. Building upon the mechanical stability of the S-5200, the S-5500 is equipped with a shielding system for reduced EMI and acoustic interferences. These improvements in conjunction with a completely dry vacuum system assure our high-resolution guarantee for the life of the instrument.

Extending the capabilities of the S-5500 is its EDS solid angle of 0.15 or greater and newly designed BF/DF Duo-STEM detector (patent pending). This innovative STEM system contains an adjustable dark field detector for tunable collection angles. Sometimes a single image can change the way we look at life. The new S-5500 with its advancements in information collection will lead you to those opportunities.


Secondary Electron Image Resolution: 1.6nm @ 1kV, 0.4nm @ 30kV
Electron Gun: Cold Cathode Field Emission
Specimen Size (maximum): 5.0mm X 9.5mm X 3.5 mm for goniometer high precision stage

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