Leica AF7000 Dedicated Fluorescence Live Cell Station

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Leica AF7000 Dedicated Fluorescence Live Cell Station

Leica AF7000 with DMI6000 B inverted microscope, climate chamber, CO2 controller and SuperZ Galvo focus

The premium solution for highly demanding applications which offers full real-time control for fast 3D time-lapse experiments, TIRF, Fura2, FRET SE, deconvolution and peripheral triggering.

The Leica AF7000 leaves nothing to be desired in widefield fluorescence imaging. This system combines the ultimate in speed, reliability, scope for experiment design, analysis facilities and operational convenience. Achieve excellent results – fast! This extremely versatile and fully integrated system allows real-time control of all necessary hardware components for complex live cell studies, such as the camera, fine focus devices and up to four external filter wheels. In addition, it offers the possibility to observe live cells using TIRF. With the Leica AF7000 you are expertly equipped for the research tasks of today and tomorrow. Trigger signals can be transmitted to peripheral components via four channels. Vice versa, trigger signals can be received in up to four channels from external components and used to start experiments.

Key Features

* Real-time 3D time-lapse experiments
* High-speed FRET SE experiments
* TIRF experiments
* High speed control of camera, four Leica External Filter Wheels, SuperZ Galvo or Piezo fine focus, 4 TTL trigger in and 4 TTL trigger out channels

Unique TIRF solution
The new MultiColor TIRF (Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence) from Leica Microsystems is fully integrated into the AF7000 system as an additional contrasting method offering four integrated solid state lasers for excitation of fluorophores in all important wavelengths. The extremely short switching times, the automatically constant TIRF penetration depth when switching from one wavelength to another and the extremely high and synchronized image recording rate open up completely new horizons for researching dynamic processes in living cells.

Leica Microsystem external filter wheels
The Leica external filter wheels allow for high-speed switching between different excitation, emission wavelengths and high speed regulation of light intensity levels. The applied Leica EL6000 external light source includes a high speed shutter with 6 ms switching time. Its 120 W long-life metal halogenide burner gives high intensity levels, especially in the blue light range. Up to four external filter wheels can be controlled simultaneously by the Leica AF7000, enabling ultra-fast FRET SE, for example.

Leica FRET SE Wizard
The Leica FRET SE module is an optional application module available to add to the Leica AF6000 series of widefield fluorescence systems. Designed as a step-by-step wizard, you are guided through the whole FRET experiment from the definition of acquisition parameters, to the identification of correction factors and selection of FRET formulas for final calculation of the FRET efficiencies. The Leica External Filter wheels provide a dedicated solution for CFP/YFP FRET with real time high speed acquisition of up to 10 FRET triplets per second A non destructive FRET method, ideally suited to experiments that run over long periods of time.

A wizard approach guides the user through each acquisition step to ensure accurate results.The wizard allows for the use of reference samples for determination of cross talk, background correction of FRET images and determination of correction factors by direct interaction with the image An online FRET image is displayed during acquisition to allow immediate feedback to the user.

FRET sensitized emission formulas and FRET ratio formula are available, for flexibility of analysis results. A FRET graph displays changes in intensity. Store and recall of FRET acquisition parameters and recall of FRET corrections factors with a mouse click FRET statistics can be easily exported into Excel