Leica AM6000 Micromanipulation System

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Leica AM6000 Micromanipulation System

The first application solution to combine the functions of a fully automated inverted research microscope with those of electronic micromanipulators.

Both systems can be operated via the Leica AM6000 from a clearly designed joint control box. We have integrated all the main controls of the two basic instruments (microscope and micromanipulator) into one central unit and matched the functions to each other. The result: improved operating safety, reduced vibrations within the system and a considerable time saving, both for work routines and for staff training.

With the Leica AM6000 there's no need to keep switching between controls in future. You have everything in one hand. Movements of the micromanipulators are correlated to the magnification of the microscope, electronically.

Key Features

* Fully automated microscope and manipulators operated via combined electronics and a joint control panel
* Manipulator sensitivity automatically adjusted to microscope magnification
* Store and recall of magnifications combined with contrasting methods
* Store and recall of magnifications combined with contrasting methods and magnification changer
* Automates and speeds up the micromanipulation workflow

Constant changing over from one control element to the other is a thing of the past.
The unique Leica AM6000 is the successor of Leica AS TP – the first and unique system ever to combine the electronic components of microscope and manipulators in one control element.

The Leica AM6000 is based on the DMI6000 B the fully automated research microscope and a special advanced Leica edition of Eppendorf NK2 micromanipulators.
Microscope and manipulator functions can be operated via one control panel. The system allows to automate the typical workflow of micromanipulation. It speeds up the workflow and allows easy and convenient operation. It enhances operating safety and reduce vibration.

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