Leica Autostainer XL Robotic Staining System

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Leica Autostainer XL Robotic Staining System

The Leica Autostainer XL is a robotic staining system for performing all standard routine staining methods of thin sections mounted on glass slides. The system is a fully self-contained bench top unit with 18 reagent stations, an integrated oven and 5 wash stations with flow control valves. Continuous loading and unloading of slide carrier racks ensures that the instrument is flexible even when the workload is high.

In addition, the Leica ST5010 can accommodate up to 11 slide racks containing 30 slides each, processing at least 200 slides per hour, depending on the program run.

Key Features

* Compact design
* Designed to perform up to 15 different staining protocols simultaneously
* Continuous rack loading and unloading system to ensure optimal utilization of the instrument
* Staining throughput: up to 150 slides/hour
* Fume control with charcoal filter
* PC access for systems diagnosis
* CE- & VDE-approved
* UL, c-UL approval pending
* Made in Germany (NEW)

The Leica Autostainer XL (ST5010) for routine staining in the histology laboratory has set new standards with its unique capability of performing several different staining protocols simultaneously and very high throughput. For example, a special staining protocol can be run in parallel with routine H&E staining.The instrument is flexible even if the workload is high as the slide carrrier racks can be continuously loaded and unloaded.

The system can handle 15 different staining protocols/programs with up to 25 steps each. Using the integrated control panel the operator can set individually different parameters for the incubation time, agitation and sequence of the staining containers within the selected program.

Furthermore, it is not required to open the instrument or interrupt a staining cycle to unload/reload the slides.