Leica DCM 3D Measuring Microscope

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Leica DCM 3D Measuring Microscope

Confocal and interferometry techniques
Leica Microsystems in cooperation with Sensofar is presenting a new complete solution able to outperform all existing systems due to its unique combination of techniques. The DCM 3D is the first dual core 3D measuring microscope to combine confocal and interferometry techniques. In addition to its compact and robust design, the DCM 3D is a complete tool that is ideal for obtaining a super fast, non-invasive assessment of the micro- and nano-geometry of technical surfaces, in multiple configurations.

Key Features

* Confocal and interferometry
* LED based illumination
* No moving parts
* Interferometry PSI + VSI
* Leica optics

Dual Core Technology
The only system combining confocal and interferometry technology. Widest range of applications: vertical resolution from 0.1 nm to 10 mm and high speed measurements.

New MD Confocal Microscope
New patented Micro Display Confocal Technology measures all kind of materials and provides a simultaneous confocal image and bright field image of the same area.

Widest range of magnifications and NA and working distance
Ability to measure up to 70º slopes on polished surfaces offers the benefit of all-in-one flexibility.

Measuring super-smooth surfaces with sub-nanometer resolution allows high precision measurements.

Integrated LED Light Source
Long lifetime (20,000 hours MTBF) saves costs.

Leica High Quality Optics
One set of optics for interferometry and confocal techniques.

Unique and proprietary high contrast algorithms
Highest optical sectioning capability offers the highest vertical resolution achieved with a confocal profiler.

Special Leica Interferential Optics
- Variable reflectance, tip-tilt and reference mirror focusing incorporated offers
- No need to tilt the sample
- No limit in sample size
- From extremely low to 100% reflectivity surfaces