Leica DFC310 FX Digital Camera

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Leica DFC310 FX Digital Camera

Fast Acquisition of Fluorescence Images
The digital colour camera Leica DFC310 FX is designed for demanding applications in cell biology, developmental biology, and medicine. Stained histological sections as well as fluorescence labelled specimens can be documented with highest colour fidelity. Active cooling of sensor elements using a Peltier element creates noise-free images even at the lowest light intensities. Moreover various acquisition modes such as binning allow for the precise monitoring of fast dynamic processes in living cells: the new Leica DFC310 FX is ideally suited for GFP-expressing or vital stained micro and macro specimens.

Key Features

* 1,4 Megapixel CCD with Bayer Array RGB Filter
* 36 Bit RGB colour depth
* High linearity over the complete dynamic range
* Variable exposure times (4 µsec – 10 min)
* Due to active cooling of the sensor minimized noise levels
* Binning mode ideal for fast acquisition of living cells
* Partial Scan Mode allows fastest readout of free definable regions of interests (ROI)
* Up to 71 frames per second
* FireWire b interface for fast data transfer
* For PC and MAC environment
* Easy to use software features useful functions for acquisition and processing

Detailed Description

Colourful documentation
Due to its 36 bit colour depth and the option of automated white balance, stained specimen or macro specimen can be documented with highest colour fidelity. The 1392 x 1040 pixel of the Leica DFC310 FX ensure that even the faintest detail is captured.

High quality fluorescence images
At the heart of the DFC310 FX is a 2/3" progressive scan interline sensor. The broad dynamic range is a prerequisite for the simultaneous capture of dark (non-labelled) and bright (fluorescent labelled) areas in the specimen. Even faint labelled probes can be displayed due to the high sensitivity of the new DFC310 FX. The cooling of the chip effectively reduces the noise level of the signal.

Capture Motion with Precision
In Partial Scan Mode, freely definable areas can be captured with precision. The extremely high scanning frequency allows efficient documentation of 3D moving objects at full camera resolution. The camera delivers up to 71 images per second in 4 x 4 binning mode. The top scan rate allows fast focusing using the monitor and perfect parameter adjustment. At the same time, specimen photobleaching is avoided. Recording can also be performed in high resolution mode.

Intuitive Imaging Solutions for PC and MAC
The software that accompanies the camera ensures fast and easy capturing of digital images. The Leica DFC310 FX is PC or MAC compatible, and the camera is easy to operate using an interface specifically designed for microscopy applications. Numerous intuitive image capture and editing functions ensure immediate availability of high quality recorded images for viewing and processing. The new Leica DFC310 FX allows all the advantages of digital technology to be fully utilized.