Leica DFC400 Digital Camera

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Leica DFC400 Digital Camera

The Leica DFC400 is a digital color camera with 1.4 Megapixel CCD sensor and provides images with the highest colour fidelity, speed and detail. The camera is ideal for precise image analysis in industry, research and life science applications. Speed is an essential factor for demanding image analysis applications. Particularly when creating a Mosaic or during z-Stacking whereby hundreds of single sample images are processed. Thanks to state-of-the-art CCD technology, the new camera system achieves maximum frame rates of up to 20 fps in full frame mode and an astonishing 40 fps when you select color binning mode or a smaller region of interest. The highly sensitive image sensor allows you to acquire image streams at short exposure times in perfect colour and high dynamic range. The Leica DFC400 is the ideal solution for excellent results in all image analysis application.

Key Features

* 0.5" interline progressive scan CCD with high sensitive 1.4 megapixel resolution
* 40 frames per second for binning mode, 20 fps in full frame mode
* High linearity over the whole dynamic range and minimum noise
* Progressive scan of each exposure provides complete full images without disturbing horizontal skipping artefacts as known from interlaced image sensors
* 12 or 8 bit digitization option allows the selection of the right degree of detail for the particular application.
* Partial Scan Mode: Ultrafast read-out of definable areas at full resolution, also in combination with binning
* Camera power supply and fast data transmission via FireWire IEEE1394 b
* Trigger port for exact synchronization
* Shutter speeds from 4µs to 60 seconds
* Easy installation on to the microscope
* Full system integration in Leica Application Suite (LAS)
* Control of camera via Twain Interface from 3rd party applications