Leica DFC420 C Digital FireWire Camera

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Leica DFC420 C Digital FireWire Camera

The DFC420 C is a high resolution Digital FireWire Camera with integrated Peltier cooling that allows crisp, sharp images to be created without noise, even under low illumination. The advanced 5 megapixel sensor digitizes information of the CCD chip in the camera head, leading to optimum noise suppression and highly detailed images. Exceptional picture quality and ease of use make the Leica DFC420 C a perfect choice for brightfield, darkfield and phase contrast microscopy in life science, industrial and clinical applications. The Leica DFC420 C is compatible with Leica's microscopes, stereomicroscopes and macroscopes and Leica software to form an integrated and powerful imaging system for microscopy applications. Combining the Leica DFC420 C with the new LAS modules provides a sophisticated solution for routine and research analysis.

Key Features

* Live image control provides fast focusing and positioning of the sample
* Provides 864 ×648 progressive scan previews of up to 15 frames per second
* 5-megapixel CCD Bayer Array RGB filter produces brilliant pictures
* Exposure times range from 0.2 milliseconds to 60 seconds (DFC420 C: to 600 sec)
* Features 36-bit RGB color depth
* Partial scan mode offers the fastest scanning of a freely defined area at full resolution
* Easily and quickly connects to all microscopes via a c-mount interface
* An intuitive user interface offers convenient image capture and processing functions for PC and Mac
* Two-color LED displays operational status
* Ultra compact housing saves space
* Quickly transfer images with standard FireWire 1394a interface for PC and Mac
* Peltier cooling for high dynamic range and minimum noise for recordings under low light
* 2 × 2 binning mode for increased brightness and faster frame rate in low light situations