Leica DFC490 Digital Camera

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Leica DFC490 Digital Camera

New applications in life science and industry require innovative approaches to imaging. Quickly producing high quality images for documentation, evaluation and analysis is a key factor for imaging success. The Leica DFC490 digital camera system with multishot technology and FireWire interface provides images for the highest color fidelity, resolution and detail. Real time speeds can be achieved using an array of innovative read-out modes. The innovative Leica DFC490 integrates an 8 Megapixel CCD, which offers superior quality, ultra high resolution images that were previously only possible with multiple acquisition cameras. High resolution CCD's are especially beneficial for low magnification imaging on microscopes as the amount of information provided by the optical system is much larger than in high magnification conditions.

Key Features

* 8 Megapixel CCD for excellent high-resolution images
* 1088 × 816 progressive scan preview with up to 15 fps
* 36 bit RGB color depth
* Peltier cooling for high dynamic range andminimum noise for recordings under low light
* Innovative fast readout of monochromatic images
* Exposure times from 261 µs to 10 minutes
* Partial scan mode: fastest scanning of a freely defined area at full resolution
* Simple and fast connection to all microscopes via the C-mount interface
* Excellent live image for quick focusing and positioning
* Power supply and quick, reliable data transfer with only one cable
* Intuitive user interface with convenient image capture and processing functions for PC and Mac
* Outstanding image quality
* Two color LED for operation status
* Quick transfer for PC and Mac with standard FireWire 1394a interface