Leica DFC500 Digital Camera

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Leica DFC500 Digital Camera

The Leica DFC500 digital camera system allows versatile use of all modern microscopic procedures in research, development, medicine, science and industry. Leica DFC500 digital cameras, with 12 megapixels and a color depth of 42 bits RGB, take difficult pictures of objects in extremely poor light, e.g. with weak fluorescence.

Key Features

* True 12 Megapixel resolution and 42-bit RGB color depth
* Nine individual selectable resolutions
* Provides precise rendering of the subtlest color shades and pin-sharp details
* Offers perfect image and color quality without noise.
* The high dynamic range records very dark and bright image areas
* Exposure times are from 1/4000 – 600 seconds.
* Analogue gain 1x– 8x
* 2 binning stages to increase sensitivity
* Fast live image provides easy focusing and monitoring of the image composition
* Intuitive user interface offers easy-to-use image capture and processing functions.
* The camera's power supply and fast data transfer is provided via a standard FireWire IEEE 1394 interface
* Easily and quickly connects to all microscopes with C-mount adapters.
* Color Co-Site-Sampling provides true color.

Detailed Description

With the Leica DFC500, the demanding user can now use the full resolution of a top-quality research microscope for work involving digital documentation and analysis. The most modern camera and software technologies, such as microscanning, multishot, cooled Progressive Scan CCD Sensor, Binning, Shading and much more, ensure excellent detail and picture quality in real color without interference through noise, moiré effect, blooming or color fringing.