Leica DI C500 Dual Imaging Color Module

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Leica DI C500 Dual Imaging Color Module

All important and necessary patient data can now be displayed in the Leica M525/M520/M500N optical platform on the Leica OH4, OH3, MS3 or F40 with a multitude of benefits: highest brightness, contrast >300:1, true color and 1024 x 768 pixel resolution.

The new Master-I-View™ function allows the surgeon to observe the data with his dominant eye, left or right. Leica's QuadShutter Technology™ automatically controls the appearance of different data types by taking care of the individual setup. A lightsaving, ergonomic beamsplitter design rounds off the outstanding functionality of this new Leica module.

Key Features

* True color, high resolution display, 1024 x 768 pixels
* Bright Image injection due to RGB-LED illumination, left and right
* High contrast > 300:1
* Light saving switchable beamsplitter, 40/40/20% - s/a/v
* Mono assistant left/right, stereo assistant rear, video left/right
* Short, ergonomical optical design
* 30° tube adapters for surgeon/assistant
* Fully balanced
* Modular, for any Leica M525/M520/M500 N optical system

The Leica DI C500 module offers a true color display, bright and contrasty combined with a perfect light management with a visisible increase of brightness compared to other solutions.

The 1024 x 768 pixel display delivers high resolution IGS overlays, video images or monitoring screens, CT, MRI or US scans. Left and right image injection take care on the observer's eye dominance effect, correlated and non-correlated data are supported automatically by QuadShutterTechnology™.

The new, body symmetric ergonomical handles allow easy handling of the Dual Imaging and IGS due to new multifunctional buttons.The optical design supports flexible adaptation of the co-observers: assistant rear or left/right as well as video adaptation left/right for all circumstances in cranial and spinal surgery.

The Leica DI C500 can be used with all Leica M525/M520/M500 N optics carriers on any surgical stand system as Leica OH4, OH3, OHS1, MS3 or MS2 by a simple upgrade.