Leica DM ILM Inverted Microscope

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Leica DM ILM Inverted Microscope

The Leica DM ILM inverted microscope was specially designed for all inspection and measurement tasks in metallography and industrial materials testing. High-performance Leica HCS optics (Harmonic Component System) guarantee optimal conditions: maximum image resolution and perfect image contrast in incident light brightfield, polarization contrast plus fluorescence. The Leica DM ILM scores ergonomy-wise, too: all inspection and measurement tasks can be performed quickly and efficiently.

Key Features

* Leica HCS optics system (infinity)
* Objective magnifications from 1.6x - 250x (total magnification up to 5000x)
* Eyepiece magnifications: 10x, optional 12.5x, 16x, 25x, field of view 18mm and 20mm
* Brightfield and Polarization contrast in reflected light with one-handed operation
* Objective nosepiece 4x (M25x0,75) with nosepiece focusing
* 3-plate x/y stage 247x230mm, large x/y travel 60x40mm,stage inserts 80, 40, 30, 20mm, bilateral support provides high stability
* Observation/photo/TV tubes - choice of 6 tubes and Ergotube (0°-35°) for relaxed working
* TV-adaptation with C-mounts 0.35x, 0.5x, 0.63x, 1x and Vario-C-B mounts
* Photomicrography with Leica MPS 30, 60, DM LD attachment system
* Digital image documentation with Leica DC digital cameras with optics and software
* Leica Q550W image analysis system
* Leica image database and archiving system

The Leica DM ILM is a modern system microscope with modular design. It is task oriented, user friendly and cost effective.
The built-in power supply for 6V/35W halogen lamp is convenient to control and saves space in the working environment. The inverted design principle of the Leica DM ILM offers clear advantages for handling large objects and for saving time with serial test of large quantities of samples. It has many features which make the user's daily workload decisively lighter and more convenient.

The high quality stage has a generous movement range of 60x40mm. Its high stability is based on the firm bilateral support of the stage on the basic stand. Specimens are focused by moving the objective nosepiece, not the stage. This is the only way to focus both light and extremely heavy specimen with precision and to obtain a steady image for examinations. The various possible configurations, based on a tailored system for all industrial microscope applications, make the Leica DM ILM the all-purpose microscope in every factory laboratory. The wide choice of objectives offered by HC- infinity optics enables brilliant imaging quality and the highest detail resolution.