Leica DM2500 MH Materials Microscope

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Leica DM2500 MH Materials Microscope

Flexibility meets High-throughput
The Leica DM2500 MH materials microscope system, integrated with the Leica Ergo-Base or fully integrated with an existing platform, allows the user to inspect even the largest samples. With the Leica Ergo-Base, samples of up to 350mm height and 270mm width can be handled and inspected.

Key Features

* Objective magnification: 1.25x – 50x
* Objective nosepiece: 5-position (M32 x 0.75)
* Incident light contrast modes: Brightfield (BF), Darkfield (DF), Pol, DIC, FLUO
* Eyepiece magnification: 10x, 12.5x, 16x, 25x, max. FoV 25mm
* Digital documentation: Leica DFC290 (3-megapixel), DFC420 (5-megapixel)
* Sample height (without Ergo-Base): Up to 300mm
* Sample width (without Ergo-Base): Up to 123mm x 456mm

Flexibility meets High-throughput
The Leica DM2500 MH materials microscope system is designed for rapid, accurate results even when working with very large samples. Leica Microsystems microscope systems are designed to increase throughput and provide the best results.
The Leica DM2500 MH makes microscopy easy and reliable. In addition, the Leica DM2500 MH is a flexible, modular system that can integrate with existing instruments.

Concentrate on your work, not on complex microscope settings
The Leica DM2500 MH adds convenience to your investigations that makes it one-of-a-kind in its class. With the CDA (Color-coded Diaphragm Assistant), it is easy to determine the proper diaphragm settings. With the CCD, even novice users always have the best settings for the task at hand. This feature makes the new Leica DM2500 MH the most advanced, reliable microscope in its class, even when inspecting the largest samples.

Do you need convenience and versatility in the workshop or laboratory?
The new Leica DM2500 MH is designed to easily accommodate the largest sample sizes, which makes it an ideal, practical tool for routine tasks. It is also ideal for demanding research. Accept no compromises when it comes to operation, performance, and features. The Leica DM2500 MH is sturdy, durable, and ergonomically-designed for ease of use.

What the eye can see – brilliance and sharp contrast
Large working distances with simultaneous high-resolution... the demands of daily work. The high-performance N PLAN (achromatic) and Plan Fluotar (semi-apochromatic) series of objectives deliver unvarying, high image sharpness with all contrast methods. Image field sizes, from 20mm to 22mm and all the way to 25mm, allow the user to see precisely detailed images. Wide image fields reduce the time needed to scan large samples and determine structures of interest. Images are always high-contrast, pin sharp, and full of detail. The Leica HI Plan EPI objectives are both innovative and cost-effective. They combine brilliance and sharp contrast with first-class resolution and an optimized image field.

Easy documentation, perfect image archiving and analysis
Leica Microsystems' new digital cameras offer easy image documentation for every application. The standard FireWire interface provides a fast means of transferring images to PCs and Mac computers. The cameras can produce both color and black and white images, and feature easy-to-use white balance and shading correction. With the LAS (Leica Application Suite) Archive module, the user can document, edit, and review microscopic images. In addition, all microscope and camera parameters are quickly and easily saved and archived along with the images.