Leica DM6000 M Research Microscope

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Leica DM6000 M Research Microscope

The fully automated research microscope for materials sciences that leaves nothing to be desired.
The current state of the art of our new DM Digital Microscope family. As a high-end automated research microscope, the Leica DM6000 M leaves nothing to be desired, and leaves no question unanswered. The automation of this microscope, every module of which is motorized, is brilliant.
Together with our new digital cameras, which have been specially tuned to match the DM Digital Microscope series, as well as software products for image analysis and image archiving, you will receive a system that is custom-tailored for your work.

Key Features

* Perfectly tailored system for research tasks – with high-resolution digital cameras and software modules for image analysis and archiving
* Fully automated incident light axis for brightfield, darkfield, polarization, interference contrast, and fluorescence
* Incident light with 4-position reflector disk (two fixed positions, two variable positions) for reflectors or fluorescence filter cubes
* Optional, fully automated transmitted light axis* for all common methods (brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, polarization) and with CCIC (Constant Color Intensity Control)
* Automated illumination manager and contrast manager, and fully motorized aperture and field diaphragms
* Motorized z focus drive and motorized stages, reproducible x, y, and z positions
* Motorized, encoded 6-position objective nosepiece
* One-of-a-kind memory function for simultaneous changeover of the objective and contrast method
* Integrated Leica SmartTouch panel for control and monitoring of all automated components
* Optional, external Leica STP6000 SmartTouch Panel for intuitive and vibration-free remote control

Take advantage of the modular design of our microscopes to assemble a system that is right for you. The Leica DM6000 M is also equipped with an incident light axis and can be used with all common incident light methods (bright field, dark field, polarization, interference contrast, fluorescence contrast–all fully automated on request).

The axis also has a 4x reflector disk with 2 permanently mounted positions and 2 interchangeable positions for equipping it with reflectors or fluorescence filter cubes, which you can select from our wide range of accessories. A transmitted-light axis can be special-ordered in addition (cannot be retrofitted later) and works with all common transmitted-light methods (bright field, dark field, phase contrast, polarization contrast, interference contrast–all fully automated).

The touch-sensitive Leica SmartTouch touchscreen is particularly easy to use. This screen shows you all the settings at a glance. Also, its clearly arranged menu structure takes you through the menu screens at lightning speed, and allows you to run all available motorized modules of the microscope.

The Z drive of the Leica DM6000 M is motorized, providing you with the conveniences of parfocality, saved focus levels, and options for automated positioning of various Z levels. The Leica DM6000 M is also equipped with a motorized stage which functions as an integral part of the complete system and reacts to adjustments in magnification.

Additionally, the Leica DM6000 M features a motorized objective turret which offers space for 6 objectives. Here, too, the microscope is equipped with a LeicaScreen which displays current settings and offers options for control of all motorized components. The Leica DM6000 M also uses the Leica SmartMove remote control, which contains the remote control functions for the Z drive and motorized stage in addition to 4 freely programmable buttons. Or the new Leica STP6000 which contains also the remote control functions for the X,Y,Z in addition to 11 freely programmable buttons.

All microscopes, by the way, are available with an encoded magnification changer or MBDT motorized documentation tube, which complement Leica's wide product line.