Leica DMI5000 M Inverted Microscope

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Leica DMI5000 M Inverted Microscope

The Standard in Inverted DigitalMicroscopy for materials research.
Our mission is to visualize your materials research in the very best light. Our optical & design engineers focused their entire expertise on this goal. The result is the Leica DMI 5000 M, the successor of the famous Leica MeF4. However, it is not only the best possible image quality that drives us. The intelligent operation of the Leica DMI5000 M will let you experience the pleasure of professional microscopy without the work.
Using a microscope has never been this simple; the DMI 5000 M can always be configured to suit your application requirements. It is the optimum solution for your tasks in R&D, quality assurance and testing.

Key Features

* First fully motorized intelligent materials microscope
* Fully motorized DIC for incident light with recall of prism bias
* Colour Intensity Control (CCIC): keeps the colour temperature in the reflected light axis constant. Avoids reddish colours at low lamp voltages
* All common contrast methods fully automated
* Remote control of all motorized functions
* 7 variable function keys, ergonomically placed on the stand
* SmartMove with XYZ control and 4 additional function keys
* Unique port system with 2 motorized ports (right and left side) and one manual top port
* Direct reflector/contrast mode selection on the front panel
* Illumination Manager always recalls the last settings of an objective for light intensity, field- and aperture diaphragm
* Contrast Manager recalls the appropriate settings automatically depending to the selected contrasting technique and the actual objective
* Focus Finder assists in focussing on polished surfaces by closing the field diaphragm to find the focus level
* Travel speed of X, Y and Z is adjusted according to the magnification used
* Automatic parfocality adjustment
* New software concept
* All microscope parameters can be read out for archiving and calibration
* Highest possible stability against vibration and thermal deformation
* Modular setup of internal and external components

Intelligent imaging – at the touch of a button
You will be impressed by the intelligence of the Leica DMI 5000 M. This microscope makes it extraordinarily simple for you to generate outstanding images regardless of contrast, illumination or intensity settings. At the touch of a button, the DMI 5000 M insures sharp, brilliant images every time.

Experience and innovation – the art of creating brilliant images
The new reflected-light axis is a Leica innovation which offers everything you expect from a light microscope in brilliance, depth of field and resolution. It wouldn't bear the Leica name if you could not expect something really innovative like the integrated "Inclusion Counter" steel purity module.

Secure foundation for future expansion
The Leica DMI 5000 M gives you the choice – a manual stand with a fixed stage and manual focus right through to a fully motorized stand. Upgrades are possible at any time, such as adding the motorized DIC system.

A team is more powerful than the sum of its players
Leica products are team players that are designed to work together to tackle your applications more efficiently than ever. The Leica line ranges from microscopes and digital cameras to software solutions for a wide variety of applications.
Assemble your own system from our range – all components operate perfectly together.

The optical talent
Large working distances and simultaneously high resolution are what you expect of objectives on a professional class materials microscope.
The response from Leica is HC optics with objectives that offer you the highest possible numerical aperture combined with the maximum possible space on the specimen stage. You will experience high-contrast, pin-sharp, detailed structures like you've never seen before in all contrast techniques; brightfield, darkfield and interference contrast.

Why not do it fast – the automatic objective change
You know it well, the awkward procedure of switching from a low-magnification overview objective to high magnification and back again.
This often time-consuming, vibration producing and impractical process is now a thing of the past with the Leica DMI5000 M. Just touch the button and the objective is changed automatically with perfect parfocality.

Let there be light
You know you must adjust brightness and apertures for every change of objective to insure the best image. The illumination manager of the Leica DMI 5000 M will handle it for you reliably.
When changing magnification or contrast technique, it automatically sets the brightness, aperture and field diaphragm to their optimal values. When you switch to a higher magnification, the Leica DMI 5000 M immediately adapts the values that you set previously to the lighting. What if you have special requirements regarding the settings? Then you simply change them and they are immediately stored by the microscope and implemented at the next examination.

Bright white
The key: the integrated CCIC (Constant Color Intensity Control) keeps the color temperature at a constant 3200 K. Even at low lamp voltages your images of such items as steel or ceramic specimens will no longer have a red cast – color rendition no longer depends on the lamp intensity.

Contrast – as if by magic
With the Leica DMI 5000 M it is enough to touch the "DF" button and dark field contrast is adjusted automatically. The microscope knows the appropriate reflector required for dark field contrast and inserts it into the optical path.
Differential interference contrast is even more exciting: just touch the button and the analyzer, polarizer and appropriate prism for the objective are positioned into the optical path.

Once in focus – always in focus
The advantages of the Leica DMI 5000 M include the option of selecting manual z-focus or motorized z-focus with parfocal function.
An objective set is always calculated to ensure that the focus levels of its objectives are in the same z-level. The parfocal function of the Leica DMI 5000 M motorized focus drive compensates for different focus levels. In addition, the focal plane and a lower plane can be stored and selected automatically.