Leica EG F Electrically Heatable Forceps

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Leica EG F Electrically Heatable Forceps

The electrically heatable forceps Leica EG F is designed for the easy and safe transfer of tissue samples during paraffin embedding. The heated tips of the forceps prevent that the tissue sticks to the coldening tips and thus prevents carry over.

Key Features

* Electrically heatable forceps with control unit
* Holder for the forceps when not in use can be mounted on the right or left hand side of the control unit
* Exchangeable heatable forceps with spiral cord
* Electrically heatable forceps with ergonomic recessed grips sized to perfectly fit the user´s hand
* Tip width (standard): 1 mm, tip opening: 7 mm
* Continuously adjustable temperature between 55°C (130°F) and 70°C (158°F) in 1°C steps, accuracy: 3K
* Switchable between °C and °Fahrenheit
* Display of the heat phases through blinking LED
* Overheat protection