Leica EG1120 Paraffin Dispenser

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Leica EG1120 Paraffin Dispenser

These paraffin dispensers with a digital display have high heating performance and a precise temperature regulation unequalled by other instruments in this field. The material is dispensed through the heated dispenser nozzles, and the flow rate can be regulated as required. The Leica EG1120 paraffin dispenser is an extended version of the Leica EG1110 with an integrated and separately heated work surface.

Key Features

* 3.75-liter capacity with a constantly heated paraffin dispenser nozzle
* Paraffin temperature setting: up to 70°C
* Selected temperature electronically controlled and stable to +/- 1°C
* Important user information about the status of the paraffin temperature indicated on a LED display
* Easy to use, even by an untrained or inexperienced user, no special product training required

The Leica EG1110 and EG1120 paraffin dispenser modules represent the typical modern and ergonomic design of the Leica histology product line and include an easy-to-read and user friendly control panel with LED display. The systems are equipped with a 3.75-liter paraffin tank and a heated paraffin dispenser nozzle. A built-in solid paraffin separator, which prevents the dispenser nozzle from becoming clogged by solid or semi-solid paraffin, and an adjustable paraffin flow rate ensure trouble-free paraffin dispensing in every kind of working situation.