Leica EG1150 H Heated Parafine Embedding System

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Leica EG1150 H Heated Parafine Embedding System

The Leica EG1150 H is a heated paraffin dispensing module for 3 l liquid paraffin with a spacious heated working surface and storage capabilities for both cassettes and molds.

Key Features

* 3 liter paraffin reservoir
* easy to clean, scratch resistant heated working surface with paraffin drain system
* two heated, removable paraffin waste trays
* removable and interchangeable cassettes and mold warmer
* large Peltier cooling spot even for Super Mega cassettes
* rounded arm rests provide a comfortable working position
* adjustable temperatures for the components: paraffin reservoir, mold and cassette warmer and working surface between 55°C and 70°C
* heated forceps holder (70°C)
* programmable on/off timer
* position adjustable halogen light
* optional position adjustable magnifier
* optional foot switch

The Leica EG1150H heated embedding module is equipped with a 3 l paraffin reservoir.

All functions of the EG1150H are controlled through the easy to read LED display, including temperature settings for left and right hand warming trays, paraffin reservoir, and working surface. Work days and times can be programmed for automatic instrument operation.

With the especially smooth running height adjustable and rotary dispenser clip, paraffin can either be dispensed manually or by pushing the embedding mold against the clip. When working with large embedding molds, the clip folds backwards and the paraffin can be activated by using the optional foot switch.

Cassette and mold warming trays are interchangeable to accommodate changes in embedding workflow.

The large working surface area with a robust finish allows to set out multiple cassettes and molds in preparation for embedding greatly improving the specimen throughput. Rounded arm rests provide a comfortable working position.