Leica EM BAF060 Freeze Fracture System

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Leica EM BAF060 Freeze Fracture System

The BAF060 Freeze-Fracture System is a high end preparation unit for precise freeze-etching / freeze-fracturing with subsequent high resolution coating, using two independent electron evaporation guns. The safe and easy loading / unloading is performed through a load-lock, compatible with the VCT100 vacuum cryo transfer system for complete cryo EM preparation.

Key Features

* Load-Lock Transfer of Specimen
* Precise fracturing with microtome
* Control of specimen temperature
* Flexible shadowing
* Precise film thickness control with automated quartz crystal thickness monitor and shutter termination
* Hydro-carbon-free high vacuum pumping system
* Option: Freeze Fracturing for Cryo SEM observation with VCT100 vacuum cryo transfer system

Detailed Description

Load-Lock Transfer of Specimen
For fast preparation cycles and to minimize contamination inside the fracturing system, the specimen can be loaded through a load-lock transfer system. The load-lock can also be used for reloading the electron beam guns.

Precise fracturing with microtome
LN-2 cooled fracturing knife with manual or motorized motion. Precise control of microtome advances with stepper motor.

Control of specimen temperature
Ideal for freeze etching with precise specimen temperature control. For freeze etching of fractured surfaces the specimen temperature can be controlled tightly. Peltier elements are used for precise temperature ramping of the specimen stage. Above the specimen a LN-2 cooled shutter prevents any contamination of the specimen.

Flexible shadowing
Electron beam source angles can be preset from 0 to 90° for shadowing and replication (Carbon layer at 90°). Stationary or rotary shadowing is possible, offering a wide range of shadowing options, including "DARS" (Double axis rotary shadowing).

Hydro-carbon free high vacuum pumping system
A turbo molecular drag pump assures hydro-carbon free operation of system