Leica EM HPM100 High Pressure Freezer

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Leica EM HPM100 High Pressure Freezer

High Pressure Freezing is the only method which allows freezing of aqueous samples up to 200µm thickness without visible ice crystal damage and without the use of cryo-protectants.

This chamber also holds the ballistic pressure and the temperature sensor. An air driven intensifier pressurizes the liquid nitrogen to 210MPa. The process chamber is filled with a small volume of alcohol prior to freezing. The high pressure liquid nitrogen valve opens after the freezing pressure is reached. The pressurized liquid nitrogen is injected into the process chamber. The flow channels direct the rapid flow of liquid nitrogen along the specimen carrier surfaces, reaching cooling rates of up to 100'000K/sec on the carrier surface.

The frozen specimen holder assembly is automatically transferred to the LN2 storage. An active carbon filter eliminates alcohol smell and a silencer reduces exhaust noise. All required facilities such as air compressor and a liquid nitrogen dewar are integrated to turn the system into a mobile, easy to handle system.

Key Features

* High pressure liquid nitrogen system
* Excellent preservation of ultrastructure No intracellular antifreezing agents required
* No Leidenfrost phenomenon
* Thermally insulated process chamber
* Low LN2 consumption
* Universal and application specific specimen carriers
* Easy handling
* Perfect freezing of specimens up to 5 mm diameter
* Express specimen handling system
* Specimen loading in less than 3 seconds
* State of the art design
* Compact and mobile