Leica EZ4 D Educational Stereomicroscope

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Leica EZ4 D Educational Stereomicroscope

The Leica EZ4 D, with its integrated 3-megapixel CMOS camera and Leica application software, allows the direct storage of image data on 128 MB SD card or the connection to PC, Mac, video recorder or beamer. The application software included with the Leica EZ4 D controls image capture and storage, live image display on connected PCs or Macs, and the archival and opti­mization of image data.

Key Features

* 4.4 : 1 zoom ratio
* Standard magnification 8x - 35x
* Fixed 10x high eyepoint eyepieces
* 60° optimized viewing angle
* Large field of view: 25 – 5.7 mm
* Working distance of 100 mm
* Fixed (50/50%) beamsplitter for camera
* Integrated 3MPixel CMOS camera
* Integrated SD card slot
* USB 2.0 and analog video connectors