Leica EZ5 Stereomicroscope

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Leica EZ5 Stereomicroscope

The Leica EZ5 stereomicroscope is a fundamental component of any manufacturing system that requires precise optical testing during equipment and component assembly, processing, and testing. If your manufacturing facility requires accurate and reliable optical inspection and testing, the Leica EZ5 is the ideal solution.

The compact, lightweight Leica EZ5 stereomicroscope features high-performance optics and provides crisp, sharp image quality combined with straightforward handling. And, this easy-to-use and cost-effective stereomicroscope offers a multitude of features to ensure complete user comfort during operation. For example, Leica's ergonomic 60°eyetube angle helps the user to maintain a comfortable posture, especially when viewing objects on a tilted mount.

Key Features

* Anti-static design
* 5:1 zoom ratio
* 10x– 50x standard magnification reveals smaller samples and structure sizes
* Eyepieces suitable for eyeglass and non-eyeglass wearers for highest user comfort
* Unrivaled resolution of 231 LP/mm makes previously invisible structures visible for inspection
* Large working distance of 100mm
* Ergonomic 60°viewing angle for comfortable use
* Simple, space-saving adaptation to bonders, probers, machines, and systems; inclinableand rotatable through 360°
* 0.5x and 0.63x auxiliary objectives for different working distances and magnifications; additional objectives also available
* Clear, sharp, distortion-free, flat, and high-contrast images ensures higher production throughput
* The best chromatic correction
* High-performance, compact, anti-static Leica L2 cold light source
* Excellent price/performance ratio