Leica HM500 Headmounted Microscope

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Leica HM500 Headmounted Microscope

The World's first and only headmounted microscope

We can't reinvent the human eye. But we can overcome the limitations imposed by nature. This is the vision that led us to the invention of Headmounted Microscopy: to provide the quality of vision of the eye itself, sharp, clear and immediate – and at the same time magnified.

Our vision was to develop an optical system that does it all: provide the continuously variable magnification of a high-end microscope, change its field of view and focus like a camera, provide automatic parallax correction like the eye itself, and at the same time be as simple and easy to use as a pair of glasses.

Leica HM500 - Freedom combined with outstanding vision

Key Features

* Integrated Autofocus, Coaxial Light and Autofocus Videocamera
* Large Field of Vision
* Magnification and Stepless Zoom
* Powerfull Illumination
* Multidisciplinary use

Optical Excellence for Outstanding Vision
A completely new optical concept ensures highest contrast for maximum detail recognition, sharp images with exceptional depth of focus, great luminous intensity and high resolution.

Magnification and Stepless Zoom
With the Leica HM500 the eye learns to zoom. The user can take a close-up look at the object being studied and enlarge it as much as necessary, without moving the instrument and without using hands. With a touch of the foot, the finest structures become visible and crystal clear.

Highly sensitive sensors detect the object, adjust the optics and do it as quickly and imperceptibly as the human eye. A crystal clear, 3D image is ensured at every working distance.

Powerful Illumination
The integrated coaxial light allows a completely shadow-free illumination of the operating field. The light beam penetrates even the narrowest cavities, illuminating the field of vision brightly and uniformly.

High quality Documentation from the User's point of View
The Headmounted Microscope becomes a camera – for documentation and state-of-the-art presentation. With the integrated autofocus video camera system the Leica HM500 is the world's only headmounted vision system, which ensures a documentation and presentation from the surgeons point of view.