Leica IC D Digital Firewire Color Camera

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Leica IC D Digital Firewire Color Camera

The digital FireWire Leica IC D color camera provides the user with a powerful, ergonomical, cost-efficient and compact solution for professional imaging, archiving, analysis, processing, presentation or printout. The supplied camera software Leica DFC Twain allows for an efficient acquisition and processing of the data.

Key Features

* Low-noise high-performance CCD sensor without pixel error
* 3.3 Megapixel CCD with Bayer Array RGB filter
* Resolution of 2088 x 1550 pixels, interpolated up to 7.3 Megapixel = 3132 x 2325 pixel
* Color depth up to 36-bit RGB
* Fast data transfer using a single standardFireWire connection (IEEE 1394a)
* Live image for quick focusing and positioning
* Exposure time between 230 µs and 30 s
* Simple connection without complicated adjustment toall stereomicroscopes of series M
* Intuitive user interface with practical functions for image recording and processing
* Perfectly adjusted sensor, e.g. for stiching (composition ofindividual images to one larger image

Detailed Description

The Leica IC D is easy to install via a single FireWire connecting cable and can be connected to any PC with a FireWire interface. This provides the user with an ergonomic work station that allows him or her to observe specimens either stereoscopically in the binocular tube or independently of the eyepiece on the monitor. Digitizing in the camera The 3.3-Megapixel RGB sensor provides a resolution of 2088 ×1550 pixels (interpolated up to 7.3 Megapixel= 3132 ×2325 pixels). The light sensitivity of the CCD sensor can be adjusted via gain control to obtain amaximum signal quality before digitizing. The brightness signals incident on the CCD chip are directly digitized in the camera head with a resolution of 12 bits per color channel. This technology allows fora high transfer speed without loss of information or quality and creates a noise-free, sharp and color-sensitive live image on the monitor.