Leica ICC50 Digital Camera

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Leica ICC50 Digital Camera

The ability to share, capture, and archive images is an important part of the science laboratory. The new Leica ICC50 digital camera offers an economical, modular solution for science education.

Leica ICC50 Camera Module

- Fits between the viewing tube and microscope stand for the best system integration and alignment
- 3 megapixel CMOS sensor for high resolution, fast live images
- USB output for direct connection with a computer; also provides power to the Leica ICC50, which eliminates an additional power cable
- Stand alone kit for use without a computer, capture images directly onto an SD memory card or use the analog output for direct connection to a projector
- Simultaneous live PC video, and analog video when using an analog display, for presentation while using a PC for capturing and annotating images
- Reset feature returns the camera to its default settings and can be used to reset the white balance
- Modular system allows easy upgrades and service

Includes Leica Application Software (LAS) EZ software for easy camera control, capture, and annotation

- Intuitive workflow-style user interface minimizes time for imaging tasks
- Define image acquisition preferences such as exposure, gain and gamma
- Image related data and calibration are stored with the image for later reference
- Save and view images in a thumbnail gallery, or in your own files
- Save and open images directly into any other software application
- Fast live imaging makes setting up image acquisition quick and easy
- Add basic measurements or annotations to the stored image

The Leica ICC50 is compatible with the full range of Leica Microsystems Imaging Software Modules.