Leica LED5000 RL Integrated LED Ring Light

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Leica LED5000 RL Integrated LED Ring Light

The Leica LED5000 RL, a member of a powerful new generation of ringlights, is designed to illuminate your applications with 48 bright LEDs to guarantee homogeneous light distribution. Divided into Quarter- and Semicircle-Segments, this opens up different illumination perspectives providing you with indepth detail which has never been previously available when using standard ringlights.

Key Features

* Newest generation of stereomicroscopy illumination
* Seamless system integration with Leica M165 C, M205 C and Leica Application Suite (LAS) Software
* Full manual or LAS control for all illumination settings
* Quick recall of illumination settings through LAS
* Precise daylight conditions easily achieved with the advanced LED technology
* No heat interference on the sample
* LED durability of over 25 000 hours
* LED5000 RL and MCI™ work without fan assistance so there is no noise or disturbing vibrations
* No external accessory devices needed such as a separate mains adapter or coldlight source, making a tidy working environment
* Optimum data processing and bundling inside the device
* Resource saving transmission of image and illumination data over one single USB-channel